Planning is taking time for yourself,
for your future and that of yours.

MD Solutions is a team of financial planners, advisors & professionals familiar with the specific needs of physicians and their families and committed to help you carry out your life projects.

Integrated financial planning.

The pinnacle of all planning integrated financial planning allows you to maximize certain elements already in place, to develop new strategies, and above all, to identify the possible paths towards achieving your dreams and ambitions.

With our Solutions MD planners, you will discover the skills and added value of human care, personalized and adapted to your reality.

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Retirement planning

Retirement planning is always timely, regardless of your age or assets. A well-thought-out project usually has a better chance of coming to fruition. The closer you get to the fateful date, the more precise and in-depth the analysis will be.

Whether you are a medical student or nearing retirement, Solutions MD's advisors and planners will provide you with a clear vision of your future and provide you with periodic updates as needed.

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Estate planning

You have spent your life building a heritage, it’s only normal that you want to preserve it.

Protection of loves ones, transmission and increase in assets, philanthropic planning, our advisors will guide you throughout your concerns.

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Others type of planning

Prioritize savings or mortgage? What financial structure to consider? How to prepare for parental leave?

The rule of thumb doesn't always apply to everyone!

The strength of our team is knowing how to highlight the answer that will be appropriate for YOU, considering the rational and the figures, but also the human and emotional side, your situation and your risk appetite.

From a mid-career student, to the dawn of retirement or when retirement is drawing to a close, whatever stage of your life, your MD Solutions financial planner will listen to you and support you.

Let us turn your intentions, dreams and ambitions into a detailed and structured strategy.

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All MD Solutions financial planners are accredited members of the Institut québécois de planification financière and exercise their activities under VIGILIS Financial Solutions, part of the VIGILIS Group of companies. All VIGILIS insurance advisors are subject to the regulations of and have licenses issued by the Autorité des marchés financiers.